Exact quantification without pain |prof.Mahmoud Zakaria
Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy

Exact quantification without pain |prof.Mahmoud Zakaria

Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy

What is Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy ?

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most successful obesity procedures. The gastric sleeve is performed by laparoscopy and does not need the traditional surgical opening.

Benefits of using the laparoscope in the of sleeve gastrectomy:

1- Pain relief after the operation.

2 – Reduces the length of hospital stay.

3 – No visible wounds.

4 – Early recovery and return to normal life and work compared to traditional open surgery.

In the past few years there have been developments in the technique of sleeve gastrectomy aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of laparoscopic wounds, and reducing pain after the operation, including the technique of Mini sleeve gastrectomy.

We use the patient-controlled analgesia painkiller (PCA) device, which prevents pain and makes the patient’s recovery faster after the operation. The PCA is a method of pain relief in which the patient controls the amount of pain medicine that is used. When pain relief is needed, the person can receive a preset dose of pain medicine by pressing a button on a computerized pump that is connected to a small tube.

In the Mini sleeve gastrectomy, a  very small laparoscope and precise devices are used to remove from 75% to 85% of the stomach using modern staplers, and overlay stitching is made over the stapling.

The aim of using small laparoscopes and precise devices in the Mini sleeve gastrectomy is to perform the gastric sleeve operation without a trace of wounds or abdominal marks and without pain after the operation.


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